How to Watch the Royal Wedding 2018 Live Online

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to become husband and wife on May the 19th this year. And this being the a wedding in the royal family of England, is going to be a matter of great interest all over the world. This wedding will be live broadcast all across the globe by hundreds of TV news channels. Moreover, there is going to be official wedding livestream on the internet so that everyone can enjoy the event no matter where they are in the world. On top of that there are livestreams of various news organizations. So you have more than enough options to watch the wedding.

Here is some of the livestreams for the royal wedding that you can use:

  1. Official Royal Wedding Livestream – The royal family of England has announced that they will broadcast the wedding events on the internet through Facebook. You can watch their official livestream by visiting They are also broadcasting it over Youtube – Wedding 2018
  2. Bloomberg TV UK – As expected many of the TV channels in the UK will broadcast the event live. Bloomberg TV is one of them and they also have livestreaming for the event –
  3. CBC News Canada – CBC Canada is following the royal wedding in great depth. You can follow live wedding coverage on or on their YouTube channel
  4. ABC News USA – ABC News can be watched in the United States and they will follow the royal wedding with the added benefit of commentary from their journalist –
  5. Telemundo in Spanish – If you want to watch the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in the Spanish language, then you have a Telemundo as a great option –

Some of these livestreams are always on, some of them will starts many hours before the royal wedding but some of them will start to stream the event exactly at the official wedding time which is 4:30 AM EST for the United States. So set your alarms and wake up early to watch the royal wedding of the English Monarchy. There won’t be another royal wedding for a couple of decades, so don’t miss this one.