Autodesk EAGLE : Free Software for Drawing PCB Layouts

Autodesk, the company known for its expensive design software suites, is giving away free software called Autodesk EAGLE but only for the students and teachers. The software can be used to design PCB layouts and circuit diagrams. This software will find its application in the construction of various electronic components, electronics projects and everything related to intermediate to advanced electronics. In this software, you will find ready-made diagrams, circuit blocks and other necessary sheets with diagrams.

For getting the free version, you have to create a new user account on the Autodesk website as a student or educator. You must use your school’s email address to create this account. After this, you can download and install Autodesk EAGLE on your PC and use it. Even in the program, you have to sign-in using your Autodesk account. If you are not a student or teacher, then you can still download it and try the software for 30 days.

Autodesk EAGLE

Even though the free version can be used for an unlimited number of days, it is still limited in some aspects. In the free version, you can create diagrams with only a limited number of sheets and signal layers. I think Autodesk is assuming that students won’t need to use so many sheets for learning or for their school/hobby projects. The size of the sheet to be used for the various projects is also smaller for the free version.

These limitations make the EAGLE free version for students essentially for learning purpose only. You won’t be able to create any project of a substantial size. You can, however, attach a small automatic soldering machine through a USB cable and let it have the PCB etched out and soldered for you within minutes.

Autodesk EAGLE is a well known PCB layout design and circuit design software. It has been around since 1988 and has only improved with time. If Autodesk is giving it for free, then as a student you should quickly grab it.

You can download Autodesk EAGLE from