Copy Images to Clipboard Directly from Image Files

If you want to copy an image to the clipboard in Windows, usually what you have to do is first open it in an image viewer application, select the entire image and then use the hotkey Ctrl+C to copy it. Some image viewers do not allow Ctrl+C and you have to use some other way of copying the image like selecting the functions from the menubar. For example, in IrfanView (my favorite image viewer application in Windows), you can use the Ctrl+C hotkey, but the same hotkey won’t work in without first selecting a portion of the image or the entire image.

If you do not want to go through this rigmarole for just copying an image to the clipboard, then you can use the free Copy-Image tool. It is an open source tool written in the C# language and is available from its GitHub webpage. When you launch this tool, it shows you a simple GUI with two buttons – Install and Remove. If you click on the Install button, it will add itself to the right-click context menu in the Windows File Explorer. The Remove button reverses these changes made to the registry.


After installing the right-click extension, you can just right-click on any image file and select Copy-Image from there to copy the selected image to the clipboard. This tool can be used to copy BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF and GIF image files because Microsoft C# supports only these common image formats. If you try to use it on any other rare image format than it will just fail to work. And of course, it does not copy any other kinds of data to the clipboard.


Copy-Image is one of those handy tools that make working with computers much easier but are useful only for a few users. It can save your time when you have to copy image files very frequently in your everyday work life.

You can download Copy-Image from


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