WindowsSpyBlocker Stops Microsoft from Collecting Data in Windows

WindowsSpyBlocker is yet another tool that promised to block all the spying, telemetry and data collection activities of the tech giant Microsoft in your Windows PC. This tool is designed using Google’s Go language and does not give you any sort of GUI. This tool runs in a CLI window and you have to select various options in old school way. It reminds of the software that you usually find in different Linux distros.

As we have mentioned, this tool launches into a CLI window from where you can choose various options by selecting various menus – add/remove Windows Firewall rules and use the dev tools. The first option simply adds or removes various rules to Windows Firewall to block known Microsoft servers linked to telemetry and data collection. The second option lets you use some of the network monitoring tools like Wireshark and is meaningful only for system admins. Only the first option is useful for the common Windows users.


WindowsSpyBlocker has an unnecessarily complicated interface for the common Windows users who just want to block the spying and telemetry without having to think too much. It simply adds a number of Windows Firewall rules to block Microsoft servers without giving any options to backup the existing Firewall rules. There are many much more efficient tools that can do much more than WindowsSpyBlocker such as DWSPhrozen Windows Privacy Tweaker, Ashampoo AntiSpy, and many more. For example, DWS can also remove unwanted Windows apps that are known to dialing back home to Microsoft. Similarly, Ashampoo AntiSpy can toggle various settings to efficiently block Microsoft from collecting your data as you use your Windows PC.

WindowsSpyBlocker can block Windows telemetry and data collection. It is useful for new Windows computers and helps you quickly block all the Microsoft servers that are known to collect information about how you use your Windows PC.

You can download WindowsSpyBlocker from its Github page at