SnailDriver 2 Lite : Auto-Update Device Drivers in Windows

SnailDriver 2 Lite is a software that helps you quickly download the latest versions of the device drivers for your Windows PC. It is an update to the older Snail Driver 1 that was primarily designed to work with the desktop computers. The new SnailDriver 2 Lite is designed specially for the mobile computers (notebooks or laptops). It works faster and uses minimal system resources to find the latest versions of the device drivers for your computer.

After the installation, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut and it will immediately show some basic information about your computer like the model number, manufacturer, operating system version, amount of RAM installed and so on. There is also an Scan button clicking on which will scan the updates for your system in just a few seconds.

SnailDriver 2 Lite

When the scan is finished, the updates are listed along with the download file size and whether it requires an update or backup. You can choose the updates that you want to download and install by carefully going through the list followed by clicking on the Update button. The downloaded updates are automatically installed after the downloads are complete. Depending on your internet download speed the whole matter should be finished in under a few minutes.

SnailDriver 2 Lite

In the settings for the SnailDriver 2 Lite, you can make it auto-start with Windows, make it create a restore point before installing new updates to drivers, make it backup the older versions of the drivers and choose a driver download folder where the download device driver software packages are saved.

SnailDriver 2 Lite

As mentioned before, the new version 2.1 is designed specially for the smaller devices like laptops/notebooks even though it can be used on desktop computers as well. However, for desktop computers running Windows, you should get better results with the older version 1.03 of SnailDriver which is also available for download from SnailDriver website.

You can download SnailDriver 2 Lite from