PassProtect Alerts About Weak or Breached Passwords

PassProtect is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that alerts you when you enter a weak or breached password for signing in to one of your online accounts. It makes use of the “Am I Pawned” online service to detect whether the password that you have entered is already listed on one of the thousands of password lists available online. This way it alerts you about using a breached password that can be used by hackers to gain access to your online accounts.

After you have installed PassProtect in your Chrome web browser, it will place an icon in the toolbar of the browser. But this icon has no options other than leading you to Chrome extensions page from where you can disable PassProtect. Now when you enter a password, PassProtect reads it and checks whether it is listed as breached using an algorithm called k-anonymity that keeps your password safe. In other words, your passwords are never sent over the internet in the plain text format and they are not stored on any servers.


Upon detection of a weak or breached password, it will display an alert that will cover the entire webpage that you were trying to sign in from. The alert basically reads that your entered password was found on one of the thousands of known breached password databases that were dumped on the internet in the past some years.

The alert won’t be displayed for the same web browser session again, but you should quickly change your password to something much securer and stronger. You can use our small PassGen tool to generate your own strong passwords or you can rely on the Norton password generator that creates both strong and easy to remember passwords.

Conclusion: PassProtect keeps you safe by letting you know whether you have been using one of the breached or weak passwords. It can help you secure your online accounts by encouraging stronger and unique passwords.

You can install PassProtect extension for Chrome from