Automatically Translate Webpages with Edge Browser in Android

Google Chrome web browser already has this feature for ages and now Microsoft Edge browser for Android is also able to automatically translate the webpages to a language of your choice. This feature works just like it works in the Chrome browser. Nobody has to guess that the Edge browser uses Bing to perform the translation. As such, it supports all the languages that are supported by the Bing Translator.

The auto-translation feature is enabled by default in the Edge browser. When you visit a website that is not in your local language (as set in the Android settings), Edge browser shows a notification near the bottom edge of the screen. The notification shows the auto-detected language of the webpage and proposes the target language for the translation. You can tap on the target language and it will translate the webpage quickly.

Auto-Translate in Edge for Android

If you tap on the three dots then a menu is displayed from where you can select if you want to always translate webpages to the selected target language, if you want to never translate webpages to the selected language, never translate the currently open website, choose the source language if Bing has made a mistake in identifying the language of the webpage and of course choose a language for the translation from a long list of the supported languages.

Auto-Translate in Edge for Android

In the settings for the Edge browser, you can disable the automatic translation feature and you can also reset all of your translate preferences. When you reset the translate settings, it will start to ask you to translate the web pages using the small notification near the bottom edge of the web browser. This also means that all the language source and destination for specific websites will also be lost.

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