Yr App for Android Gives Realtime Weather Forecast

There are hundreds of weather apps available for the Android smartphone and they all work great in their own ways. Some of these apps are known to have a clean interface, some use a minimalist approach, some are packed with information that only a weather man can understand, and some use a very beautiful animation to display the current weather conditions in your region. The Yr weather app for Android adopts the latter approach – it displays the weather conditions as well as the weather forecasts for a region in a very appealing animated manner.

As you know when people want to know about the weather, they look up at the sky to see if there are clouds and what type of clouds or if the Sun the shinning in its full glory. This app does the work for you and shows you a simulation of the sky with the present weather conditions. As you swipe the phone screen from right-to-left, it will show you the forecast of your location in increments of one hour. The sky screen is updated to show the forecast as you swipe the phone screen. On the sky screen, it displays the temperature, wind speed, wind direction and the precipitation.

Yr Weather App

Other than the sky screen, you can also look at the information in two other forms – in the tabular format and in the graph format. In the table form, it just shows a big table with the forecast of the change in the temperature, wind speed, and the precipitation for different hours in a day. In the graph format, it shows three graphs one for each of the temperature, the wind speed & direction, the precipitation and the pressure for various hours in a day.

Yr is a very beautiful and easy to understand weather app for Android users. It helps you quickly find the weather conditions or forecast using the sky animation instead of reading the data from the tables.

You can get the Yr weather app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=no.nrk.yr.