How to Set Edge Browser to Use Dark Theme in Android

Microsoft’s Edge Browser has been available for the Android smartphones and tablets for some time now. There is not much difference in the features and the basic appearance of the Edge browser when used on a Windows device and an Android device. This is Microsoft’s attempt too give the same experience to the Edge users in all the popular platforms. Even the features like the themes are exactly the same for both the operating systems. You can set themes in the Edge web browser installed in Android to have light or dark themes. But the dark theme is of special interest as it can be used to reduce stress on your eyes when you are using your Android device at late night under low ambient light.

We have already covered how you can change themes in the Edge browser under Windows. And now here is how you can set Edge browser to use dark theme in Android:

  1. Launch Edge browser by tapping on its shortcut.
  2. Tap on the ellipses (three dots) near the lower-right corner to open the browser menu.
  3. From the browser menu, select Settings to open the Edge settings.Dark Theme for Edge Browser in Android
  4. On the settings screen, tap on Appearance.
  5. On the appearance screen, tap on Theme.
  6. Now you can select from three themes – default, light or dark. Select Dark.Dark Theme for Edge Browser in Android

Edge browser is now using the dark theme and if you are using Android Marshmallow or a later version of Android, then the rest of the Android interface will also become dark to match the Edge browser theme. This dark theme will instantly bring a sudden relief to your eyes if you are laying in your bed and using your smartphone for some late night web browsing. One extra benefit of using the dark them is that it reduces the battery usage considerably.