Get Latest Weather Conditions with MSN Weather App for Android

Back in the days of our great-grandfathers, they used to listen to the morning and evening radio news to stay in touch with the latest weather conditions. And because the news was broadcast only twice a day, every house had a barometer that could predict weather conditions any time of the day. A barometer can predict the weather conditions like storm, rain, sunny weather, or very dry weather. But fortunately, times have changed and now we can avail ourselves to the weather insight of the experienced meteorologists on our smartphones using apps like MSN Weather.

If you have an Android or Windows smartphone, then you can install the MSN Weather app and stay in touch with the latest weather conditions in your local area. After installing the app, you can either specify the location manually or you can use the GPS service of your device to automatically locate your place. Once this is done, your local weather is displayed on your phone’s screen. You can see the weather forecast along with the current conditions. You can see the maps of your region that show the temperature, precipitation, satellite images, and the cloud movement. Unfortunately, it does not support toast notifications that are displayed on the lock screen of your Android smartphone.

MSN Weather App

Whenever the weather in your region changes critically and a condition like storm or cyclones are predicted (severe weather conditions), it shows alerts on the forecast screen. Apart from your own location, you can also see the weather for any location by simply searching for it. This makes it a great app for travelers – you can find the accurate hourly, 5 day, and 10 day forecasts for wherever you are going which get you ready for the destination and you can take the clothes and other things like raincoat or umbrella along with you.

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