How to Hide News Feed in Edge Browser for Android

Edge browser for Android is slowly adding new features with each update. The most recent update of Edge browser has added a new feature that can automatically translate the webpages to any desired language of your choice. While these features are very convenient and can save a user’s precious time, some of the other features are not liked by everyone. For example, Edge displays latest new feed for your local area as soon as you open a new tab or when you launch the browser. But fortunately, Edge also allows you to hide the news feed from the new tab page.

Here is how you can hide the news feed for the new tab page in the Edge browser for Android:

  1. Launch Edge browser by tapping on its shortcut.
  2. Tap on the ellipses (three dots) near the lower-right corner to open the browser menu.
  3. From the browser menu, select Settings to open the Edge settings.
  4. On the settings screen, tap on New tab page.Hide News Feed in Edge Browser
  5. On the new tab page settings screen, you can tap on the flip switch shown next to Show news feed to turn off that option.
  6. From now on you won’t see any news stories as you open the new tab page in Edge.

If you do not want to hide the news feed at any later time, then you can simply follow the exact same steps and it will start to show the news feed once again. In the settings for Edge for Android, you can also choose to display the news feed for your country of choice. This could be of great help when you are traveling abroad – you can switch to the news feed of the country that you are visiting. On the flip side, if you have bought a smartphone in a foreign country then you can set Edge to show news from your own country.

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  1. No such off button exists. I guess the appholes at M$ have removed it so they can shove their damned narrative in my face.

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