Reliable Weather Forecast with Flowx App for Android

There are hundreds of weather forecast apps available for Android devices in Google Play store, but the one that stands out in the crowd is Flowx. It uses some very reliable sources for gathering the weather related data and displays the data in a very beautiful animated format. You can add as many locations as you want or just use the location detected through the GPS service of your phone. By default it displays the weather forecast for the next seven days. But in the paid version, you can see the weather forecast for the next ten days.

Flowx allows you to automatically detect your current location through the GPS service. But you can also enter your city name manually in the app by choosing Add Place from the app menu. The city is then displayed on the world map and you can click on the Next button to continue.

Flowx Smart Weather App

If you have added more than one locations, then you will have to select one of these locations to check that place’s weather conditions or the forecast. It displays the maximum and minimum temperature for the next seven days. These values are also shown on a small graph that goes up and down because the temperature usually rises in the day time and it gets cold in the night time. You can swipe the screen left or right to see the forecast per hour for the selected places.

If you select the Info option from the settings to see the servers that the Flowx app is downloading the weather app data. This will display the server information and the last time it downloaded the update from these servers. The app should be used on WiFi because it downloads too much data and can easily use up all of your 4G LTE data pack.

Flowx Smart Weather App

Verdict: Flowx is a well designed app that can be used in Android to see the current weather conditions of a selected place or to have an idea of the weather forecast for the next week.

You can download Flowx weather Flowx program from