Wise Windows Key Finder : Find and Save Windows Product Key

When you install a fresh copy of Windows in your PC, you have to supply a serial number or product key without which you cannot complete the installation. This product key is also required when you activate Windows over the internet. Without this product key, Microsoft will detect your installation of Windows as pirated and turn the desktop wallpaper to black which cannot be changed unless you change the product key and activate Windows.

It is because of these reasons, you must note down and save the product key of your genuine copy of Windows. If you have bought a PC with Windows pre-installed, then you will find the genuine sticker somewhere on your PC along with the product key printed on it. But if you have downloaded the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft servers or have bought a Windows DVD yourself, then you can easily lose the product key.

Wise Windows Key Finder

If you have forgotten or lost the product key of your Windows installation, then you have no choice but use a specialized software like Wise Windows Key Finder to find the key for you. This is a portable program that can decipher the product keys stored in the Windows registry. The product key stored in the registry is encrypted using Base64 algorithm. This tool decrypts the product key and displays it to you in the plain text format.

You can select any section of the product key, product ID and the product name and copy it to the clipboard to be pasted anywhere you want. You can also save the entire displayed information into a file on your hard drive. It can save the information in TXT files only. And if you have a printer connected to your PC, then you can print the information on a paper. The information is printed in basic text format without any formatting.

You can download Wise Windows Key Finder from https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-windows-key-finder.html.


  1. Appreciate the tip to try ‘zebNet Windows KeyFinder’, it reports my system’s product keys correctly.
    It reports the ‘Read from Registry’ and ‘Read from BIOS’ product keys separately (both correctly).
    I reran ‘Wise Windows Key Finder’ and it returned exactly the same Windows product key response as stated in my initial post.
    The ‘Wise Windows Key Finder’ reported the ‘Product key’ as my two product keys run together.
    ‘Wise Windows Key Finder’ reported ‘Product Name’ and ‘Product ID’ correctly.
    It’s only the ‘Product Key’ it reports incorrectly.
    Possibly the code for ‘Wise Windows Key Finder’s ‘Product Key’ can be honed to report correctly.

  2. ‘Wise Windows Key Finder’ doesn’t report my ‘windows 8.1 Pro’ product key correctly.
    It reports two product keys that are run together (one after the other).
    First character of first product key is incorrect (remaining characters are correct).
    Second product key characters are correct but there are no dashes between the five 5 character groups.
    Email me if your interested in seeing what ‘Wise Windows Key Finder’ is actually reporting.
    I would like to see ‘Wise Windows Key Finder’ report my Windows operating system product key correctly.
    Have you had others using your ‘Wise Windows Key Finder’ comment with similar findings?

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