Fix All Windows Update Problems with Reset Windows Update Tool

Microsoft has been releasing updates for Windows users all over the world on the first Tuesday of every month like clockwork for many years. Receiving updates regularly in your Windows PC ensures that you are running a system fully patched against most of the vulnerabilities known to Microsoft. But sometimes the automatic updates do not work in a Windows PC due to bad configurations, missing files, corrupt file system, network troubles and other things.

If you find that your Windows PC is not able to receive updates every month then you can fix the update problems using the “Reset Windows Update Tool”. Developed by Manuel Gil, this tool is recommended by the Microsoft experts for fixing the automatic update troubles in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1.

You can run this tool without installing it as it comes in a portable format too. Furthermore there are lite versions of this tool also available. When you launch the full installed version, it displays many options that you can choose such as – open system protection, reset Windows Update components, delete temporary files, cleans incorrect registry values, resets Winsock, changes group policy settings, runs chkdsk and system file checker (SFC) on hard drives and more.

Reset Windows Update Tool

Basically, it can perform all the things are are often suggested by Microsoft experts in various forums online to fix the Windows Update and get it working. Only difference that you do not have to run all those commands manually by hand – you can just click on the this tool’s shortcut and it will run them all in a matter of seconds. Similarly, you do not have to spend time searching the internet for solutions of this problem either. However, the tool does give you options to search the internet for various solutions if even after using this tool you cannot seem to receive Windows updates.

You can download Reset Windows Update Tool from