SepPDF Splits PDF Pages from Multipage PDF Documents

SepPDF is a very small application that can be used to extract PDF pages from a PDF document that has more than one PDF page. It is written using Visual C++ 6.0 which makes is very small, very fast and very light on the system resources. It is a very useful tool when you want to send only a few pages from a large size PDF file containing hundreds of pages. Similarly, you can use this tool if you want to print only a particular page instead of mistakenly sending dozens of pages to the printer.

SepPDF is a portable program and shows up a small window when launched. In this window, you can drag-n-drop PDF files containing more than one page and it will be selected as the source PDF file. You can also click on the Ref button to browse and select the PDF file. After this, you can click on the Split (All) button to extract all the PDF pages as separate PDF files in the same folder as the original PDF file.


If you want to selectively extract the pages, then you can click on the Split(Page etc Input) button. This will show up a new window where you can enter the page number range that you wish to extract. You can also choose the folder where the extracted PDF pages are saved. There is also an option to define the names of the PDF page files being created. Once you have set these options, you can click on the OK button and it will split the PDF file based on your settings.


In the settings of the program, you can set it to warn if too many PDF files are created. By default it warns if you have extracted 50 pages but you can change this setting of 50 pages to anything you want. You can also disable this warning altogether if you have to extract hundreds of pages.


SepPDF is a very handy tool to have when you are working with PDF documents. It can extract PDF pages from multi-page PDF documents and can work even with password protected PDF files.

You can download SepPDF from