AstroPrint : Manage All Your 3D Printers from One Place

Almost two decades ago when kids were watching Jingle All the Way movie in which people struggle to find toys for their kids, who would have thought that kids of new generations would just print their own toys at home? 3D printers have made some impact on how we consume products today and this is going to be only more intensified in the future. These days many of us have one or more than one 3D printers as they all give different results, but if you want to control them all from a single place then you can use the AstroPrint software.

AstroPrint usually works in combination with a small piece of hardware called AstroBox that you must purchase, but newer versions do not make it necessary. Typically, you connect your 3D printer to AstroBox through a USB data cable. AstroBox creates a local wireless network which is then accessed through the AstroPrint software installed on your desktop computer. This way, you can access all of your 3D printers from a single place. And since AstroBox can be configured to use your internet connection, you will be able to control your 3D printers over the cloud.


This application will improve the management of the 3D printer through the use of both local and cloud access. Even though AstroPrint is not a full fledged 3D design software, it offers some minimal 3D model design editing features that can useful before printing that model. Using AstroPrint program, we can scale, rotate, move the 3D design to a different place on the print bed, duplicate the objects, multiply the 3D design to create many models in the same print job, and perform a number of other things on 3D projects.

Even if you do not have an AstroBox, you can still use AstroPrint as the new versions of the program allows you to print 3D designs by connecting the printer through a USB port directly.

You can download AstroPrint from