Backup Dwarf : Free Backup Software for Windows

Backup Dwarf is a free backup software for Windows that can backup your files and store them on a variety of local media as well as on your cloud storage accounts. It supports all the popular cloud storage services like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Mega.

It is available both as a Windows modern app from the the Microsoft Windows Store and as a desktop program that you can download from Backup Dwarf website. The Windows app is the newer updated version but the desktop edition is old version. Both editions offer the same functionality but use a different interface. The desktop edition offers a wizard interface in addition to a traditional one.

Backup Dwarf makes it very easy for anyone to setup and schedule the backup tasks. The easy-to-understand wizard mode provides step-by-step interface for creating, modifying, executing and deleting backup schedules. It also enables you to restore your backups even in case your backup configuration has been lost. This mode is recommended by the developers as it works for the advanced users as well as the novice.

Backup Dwarf

Typically, you have to select a source folder, a backup type (full or incremental), a source folder (it could be a local folder, a network folder, FTP server or cloud storage), a schedule (daily , weekly, monthly, day or date) and the backup task is ready. Once a backup task has been created, you can execute it from the main Backup Dwarf window or it will be automatically invoked at the pre-specified schedule. Restoring files is similarly very easy.

The desktop version of Backup Dwarf does not provide encryption of any sort. But the newer Windows app version does provide very strong AES256 encryption of the backups. The files are backed up and compressed using ZIP which means that you can access the backups using any archiving software such as 7-Zip.

Backup Dwarf

Verdict: Backup Dwarf offers simpler way to backup your files over the cloud. It can be scheduled to run the backup tasks and can encrypt your files. Without many confusing options to choose, this software can be used even by beginners.

You can download Backup Dwarf older desktop application from and the newer Windows app edition from