ThrottleStop Bypasses CPU Throttling to Maximize Performance

Smaller computers like laptops and notebooks run off the battery and do not have as good a cooling system as a desktop computer. Therefore the same CPU that will work on a desktop computer at maximum performance without too much heat problem, will cause too much heat and can draw lots of battery power. To minimize the heat generated by the CPU or the graphics processor and to maximize the battery life, laptop manufacturers make the processors run at a lower performance using a technique called CPU throttling.

A free software called ThrottleStop can prevent your laptop from throttling the CPU and therefore can improve the CPU performance. With this small tool, you can get the information about your PC and make it get the maximum power out of your system by overclocking. However, this tool is designed to work only on computers that are running with an Intel processor. On systems that have AMD processors, the tool cannot be installed. Furthermore, only processors from the Intel Core 2 or Core i series (such as Core i7) can be overclocked.


As you can guess, it is meant only for the laptop computers. As you launch the small program, it displays the status of all the cores or threads of your computer’s CPU along with the present and the maximum temperature. On the left side of the window, you can choose a profile – Performance, Game, Battery or Internet before clicking on the Turn On button to overclock your CPU.

Instead of picking any of these profiles, you can also customize various of the overclocking parameters such as the clock modulation, chipset clock modulation, set multiplier, disable Turbo, SpeedStep and more. You can also click on the Options button and configure many much more advanced parameters for the profiles.

ThrottleStop can push your CPU to the limits and can end up damaging your computer (because of more heat than it can handle) or the power adapter (because of more power drawn than it can supply).

You can download ThrottleStop from