Pic View EXE Slide : Create Screensavers or Slideshows from Your Images

If you have a collection of images and some music files, then you can put them together in the form of an EXE slide-show or a screensaver using a freeware called Pic View EXE Slide. This software can create slide-shows, screensavers, picture games, GIF animation, Flash animation or an AVI video file. All of these generated files are completely standalone and do not require any supporting program. You can send these slide-shows to your friends with email messages and they will be able to run them without any dependency.

Pic View EXE Slide is enables you to convert a series of images into a standalone slideshow presentation. If you have a good image editor, then you won’t even need Microsoft Office PowerPoint – you can just design your images, save them and turn them into a slideshow using this software. These slideshows being completely standalone can then be run and viewed on any Windows PC (or on Linux through Wine).

Pic View EXE Slide

The user interface of Pic View EXE Slide is very easy to follow. You can select a folder from the treeview control – this folder contains all the images that can be used in the slideshow. From the options, you can choose the background color, whether it should be auto-played, whether it should be looped forever, if it is to be an EXE slideshow, for how long each image should be displayed, and so on.

You can also choose an MP3 or WAV file for the background music and whether this music is to be looped forever. You can customize the display time per image, allow users to save images from the slideshow, fit images to a certain size, compress your images, and more.

From the toolbar, you can choose if you want to create a standalone EXE file, AVI video clip, GIF animation or SWF file. There are also 3 different puzzle games that can use your images as background.

You can download Pic View EXE Slide from https://www.alternate-tools.com/pages/c_exeslide.php?lang=ENG.