Replace Image Backgrounds Easily with Akvis SmartMask

If you find the background of your picture is boring and you want to replace it then you do not have to waste your time and money in learning Adobe Photoshop. You can remove and replace the backgrounds in your pictures in just three steps using the Akvis SmartMask.

Akvis SmartMask image editor greatly simplifies cutting out difficult objects from the background. Unlike some other expensive image editing software, SmartMask is much easier to use. And if you are accustomed to your favorite image editor, then SmartMask also offers a plugin to be used in them.

Using SmartMask is very simple and any novice can start replacing the backgrounds of their images very easily. Here is how you can typically replace the background of your images:

  1. Load the original image in SmartMask. This is done by clicking on the Open icon in the toolbar and selecting your image. SmartMask supports a large number of image formats including the RAW images.Akvis SmartMask
  2. Remove the background (Manual). Select “Manual” mode in the toolbar and then switch to the the mask selection mode and use the quick selection tool (press Q) to select the background that you want to remove. You can change the brush width to select smaller regions in the image background. After the selection is made, you can press Del to remove the background. Repeat the process if any part of the background is left out.Akvis SmartMask
  3. Remove the background (Auto). This is even easier than manual selection and removal. For this you have to switch to the “Auto” mode in the toolbar. Draw red lines over the region that should be removed and blue lines over the portion that should be kept.
  4. Add new custom background. You can click on the custom background icon in the toolbar, and then click on the Load button to select a new background image. You might have to stretch the image to fill the entire background. There are some options like opacity and rotation etc, for the background that you can use.Akvis SmartMask
  5. Save the modified image. After this you can save the modified image to your local hard drive, share it over the internet or print it out over your color printer.

Of course, there are many other advanced options available and you can use them to refine the quality of the resulting picture with a new background. But we have given the fastest and simplest approach to use  SmartMask for removing the backgrounds of your images and replacing them with something else.

You can download Akvis SmartMask from