Tipard PDF to BMP Converter : Save All Pages of PDF Document as BMP Images

PDF documents are very common to be found on the internet – manuals, documentations, application forms, and many other things are available in the PDF file format. And there is a very good reason for the popularity of the PDF documents – these documents appear the same completely independent of the platform or the application used to view them.

PDF files are usually created either using a specialized and often expensive PDF editor (such as Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Acrobat DC or Nitro PDF Pro) or through a virtual PDF printer. For some time, Office suites such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice are also able to save any supported document as a PDF document. So if you have a Word document (DOCX), then you can save it as a PDF file. But what if you lose the original document? Easiest way to edit such as PDF document when original Word document is missing is by converting the PDF to BMP and then editing the BMP images.

Tipard PDF to BMP Converter

A free software called Tipard PDF to BMP Converter can be used to save all the pages of a PDF document as BMP images. In its window, you can add as many PDF documents as you want, select the pages to be saves as BMP images, select the target folder and click on the PDF conversion button. Nothing can be easier or faster than this.

The generated BMP images are of very high quality and preserve everything from the PDF pages – text, links, forms, images, and the layout. But if you want more control on the conversion process, then you can change the BMP resolution in the settings. You can change the resolution and DPI for the BMP images. You can also choose whether the images will be greyscale or colored.

Tipard PDF to BMP Converter

Tipard PDF to BMP Converter is free and fast tool if you have to save all the pages of your PDF files as BMP images. It does not depend on any other third party tool and works even on older Windows computers.

You can download Tipard PDF to BMP Converter from https://www.tipard.com/free-pdf-to-bmp-converter/.