Create Simple Notes and To-do Lists with Joplin App

Sometimes my sister Angela becomes so absent minded that she forgets what she had to buy at the grocery store. She usually takes a list of all the items penned down on a paper in her pocket, but now she has found a better alternative to a piece of paper – the Joplin note-taking app.

Joplin is a cross-platform note-taking app that can be used in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iPhone for taking notes and making to-do lists. It is like keeping a mini diary in your phone all the time. The app offers syncing of the notes and lists over the internet with all of your devices on which you have installed this app. This way you can take notes on your one device (say Windows PC) and can access them on other devices like (iPhone). You can never feel forgetful standing in the middle of grocery store.

After installing Joplin in your devices, you have to first create a notebook and inside it you can add multiple notes and lists. You can create as many notebooks as permitted by the device storage space. Typically, you will name the notebooks in such a way to clearly separate and categorize the notes of different types.

Joplin Note Taking App

In the notes and to-do lists, you can add photos from files or by snapping one from your camera, capture images and other files. You can convert notes into to-do lists back and forth if needed. You can share these notes over social networks or through email messages. To-do lists can be marked down so you can quickly see what you have already accomplished and what tasks still need your attention.

Joplin Note Taking App

In order to protect your privacy, Joplin offers very strong encryption and allows you to encrypt all the notes an lists. Once you have encrypted notes and lists on one device, it will automatically sync them with all the connected devices so that they get encrypted on all the devices.

Joplin is a productive note taking tool that offers simple, effective and secure operation. With the free Joplin tool, you can create to-do lists and notes, in order to bring more organization to your daily routine.

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