Reachability Cursor : Use Large Screen Smartphones with One Hand

Everyone wants to have a large screen smartphone. People are no longer satisfied with 5 inches screens. Now they want 6 inches or more. As a result now showrooms are full of smartphones that have 6 inches and more. Even Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 phones have 6.4 inches large screen. These large screen phones look very nice and are great for playing games, watching videos or editing them, but it is very hard to control them with just one hand. The screen is so big that the only way to use them is to hold the phone with one hand and touch the screen with another.

This annoying problem can now be done away with the help of a new Android app called Reachability Cursor. This app creates a mirror cursor on the screen – so that there are two circular touch fields on your screen. The lower one is called tracker and the upper one is called cursor. You have to control the cursor by controlling the tracker. All of the movements and actions performed with tracker are instantly mirrored on the cursor. This way you can control the entire screen and touch anything even on a large screen smartphone or even a tablet.

Reachability Cursor

Upon first launch, Reachability Cursor asks you to enable accessibility access for this app. This is needed for the app to make gestures like tapping or clicking on your behalf. After this, it displays you brief “how-to” information about how you can use the swipe pads. By default it uses two invisible swipe pads on both left and right of your screen. Swiping on any of these will instantly make the tracker cursor available so that you can control the entire screen with just one hand. Swipe pads on both left and right make it suitable for both left and right handed people. The tracker will disappear when you touch something else or after a brief period of inactivity.

Reachability Cursor

If you own a large screen smartphone (5.5 inches are larger), then you will find this app very useful. With Reachability Cursor installed, you can hold the phone in just one hand and use the thumb to control everything on the screen. The lite version of the app is free lacks some features that are offered in the paid pro version.

You can get the Reachability Cursor app for Android from