GOG Gives Away “Jill of the Jungle” Game Trilogy for Free

Everyone knows the video game publisher Epic Games for their popular Fortnite : Battle Royale game that can be played for free over PC or game consoles. But very few people will know that the CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeny, coded all the games himself for the first few years of his company’s existence. Jill of the Jungle is one of such games that was coded by Tim Sweeny and was released for computers running Microsoft DOS.

Before Jill of the Jungle saga was released, the game saving was available only at the end of a level. It was the first game that allowed the users to save the game the game state anywhere in the middle of playing the game. Other game developers soon picked up on this later.

Jill of the Jungle

Three episodes of the Jill of the Jungle saga were released in 1992 and all of them are now available for free over GOG. The package is only 15 MB and can be installed in all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows 10. The installer package includes everything you will need including pre-configured DOSBox (emulator for x86 DOS for modern versions of Windows).

Jill of the Jungle

When you launch the game, it asks you which episode of the game you want to play – Jill of the Jungle, Jill Goes Underground or Jill Saves the Prince. The games are run full screen, but you can use the key combination Alt+Enter to switch the full-screen mode on or off. The gameplay of all episodes is very simple, you have to lead Jill through a number of hurdles to meet her prince in the end. Like many of the games of that time, she jumps over objects, collects gems and faces monsters in her way.

You can grab your free copy of Jill of the Jungle trilogy saga from https://www.gog.com/game/jill_of_the_jungle_the_complete_trilogy.