VolumeLock : Change and Lock Volume for All Apps in Windows

If you have to keep changing the volume level of various applications in Windows often then you may find VolumeLock very useful. You have to crank up the volume of some applications while lower down that of others. Furthermore, the volume has to be changed depending on the time of the day – you can hear loud music during the day, but at night time your neighbors will complain and you have to lower the volume down. VolumeLock can automatically change the volume of various apps at the click of a button, mute them or lock their volumes at a certain level.


VolumeLock places an icon in the system tray (notification area) through which you can change the volume using the various presets, mute all the apps, or open the configuration window. In the configuration window, you can change settings for all the presets. In this window, it displays a list of all the programs that ever played any kind of sound on your PC. For all of these programs, you can select the volume, and stereo balance. You can choose to mute them if you wish. You can save these settings to an existing preset or create a new preset.


For creating a new preset, you have to open the VolumeLock options window. From this window, you will be able to not only change the presets configurations, but you can also customize the options for system tray icon, schedule, and also security. Under the schedule section, you can configure it to automatically switch to a particular preset for the specific time. And under the security section, you can assign a master password that is to be used to allow changing any of the settings or preset configurations for VolumeLock.


VolumeLock is ideal for everyone who use their computers for many things like gaming, watching movies and work. VolumeLock allows you to change the volumes of various applications in Windows at the click of a button – through this you can mute some apps, lower the volume of some apps or increase the volume of others.

You can download VolumeLock from http://www.actualsolution.com/volume-lock/.

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