Free Keylogger : Monitor All Activities on Your Windows PC

Usually looking over one’s shoulder is frowned upon, but there are circumstances when you have to monitor what is happening on your computer when you are not there. For example, if you have small children then you may want to monitor whether they are engaging in any risky and unsafe activities. Similarly, if you share your computer with unscrupulous people then you might want to know what kind of things they have been doing on your computer. For all these monitoring needs, you can use the Free Keylogger software.

Free Keylogger is a freeware monitoring software that works on Windows systems. Once installed, it will monitor all the activity performed by the user. For example, it monitors the keystrokes, clipboard, applications launched, visited websites, social networks, instant messengers, and the desktop.

When you first launch it, it asks for a hotkey that you have to set. By default, this hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U but you can change it to anything of your choice. When you use this hotkey, it will show the Free Keylogger window or hide it. There is no other way of launching the Free Keylogger window without using the hotkey.

Free Keylogger

In the Free Keylogger window, you can see all the reports by selecting the date and then choosing the type of report – keystrokes, web browsing, applications, instant messenger chats, screenshots, social networking etc. From the settings section, you can choose the hotkey, the auto-start option, whether it should be hidden in the Start Menu or the Uninstall list in the Control Panel etc.

One of the benefits of this keylogger is that you can recover your important documents that you were typing before the accidental shutdown of your PC perhaps due to a power cut removed everything from the screen. Free Keylogger can help you recover everything as it has recorded all of your keystrokes.

Free Keylogger is not meant for everyone and should only be used for legal and valid monitoring activities. When used properly, it can prove to be a really useful utility.

You can download Free Keylogger from