Quickly Add Beard and Mustache to Any Picture

Earlier we posted about the red Santa hat effect that you can apply to any picture instantly. This is great fun for the festive times during the Christmas season, specially for the kids who can enjoy turning all of their pictures into Santa hat pictures. And if you have a printer, then you can even print it out on paper just in time for Christmas. Similar to the red Santa hat, you can add beard and mustache to any of your or your friends’ pictures quickly for fun. It looks really funny if you try this effect on girls’ pictures.

Beard and Mustache Effect

Here is how you can put a beard and mustache on your or any of your friends’ pictures:

  1. Visit the Kaleido demo website at https://www.kaleido.ai/demo.html.
  2. Click on the Upload button to select a JPEG picture from your computer. If you want to use your Facebook picture, then you will have to first download it to your computer before uploading it to the Kaleido website. Alternatively, you can also click on the Link button to provide it with a URL pointing to your online picture.Beard and Mustache Effect
  3. As soon as you have uploaded the picture, it will apply the beard and mustache effect to your picture. There are no options available to edit the picture or adjust the beard effect. But the beard effect is applied so perfectly that you won’t need any customization for this effect.
  4. You can download the final picture with the beard to your computer or share it over Facebook with your friends and family members.

Using this Kaleido picture effect, you can quickly grow beard and mustache even if you are a girl or a very young boy. This effect is fun for the festive season and can provide for tons of laughs for the entire family.