TOff : Shutdown Scheduler for Windows Computers

If you have to leave your computer running for a long time perhaps overnight for downloading, installing software, running file backup tasks or for scanning your devices for malware, then you may need a shutdown timer software that can automatically power off your computer after a certain trigger is hit. For this, you can use free program called TOff.

TOff is a small freeware utility for scheduling various power operations in Windows such as shutdown, reboot, log off etc. This portable tool is also able to launch programs, files and websites instead of shutting down your Windows PC. Among the triggers are network inactivity (useful for overnight downloads), mouse and keyboard inactivity (great when you leave your PC unattended and doze off) and a specified time.

TOff : Shutdown Timer

It has a one window interface which makes it very easy to use. You can specify an action from the drop-down list. Among the options for actions are – turn off computer (soft), turn off computer (hard), hibernate, sleep mode, reboot (soft), reboot (hard), log off user (soft), and log off user (hard).

You can choose triggers – a preset time, mouse & keyboard activity period, or network inactivity period. You can also choose a file, program or a website to be launched before the selected action is executed. After these selections, you can just click on the SET button and it will go to work right away.

TOff : Shutdown Timer

There are options to place an icon in the system tray when you have “set” it or scheduled it. When the trigger is about to be hit, it will display a few seconds of notification to the effect. It will also play a series of beep sounds before actually executing the selected action.

TOff is a portable and feature-rich shutdown scheduler for Windows computers. It is useful for everyone who has to leave their computers unattended and does not want the computers to keep running for no particular reason.

You can download TOff from