EF AutoSync : File Syncing and Backup Software

When it comes to create a backup of your files in Windows, there are so many powerful and feature loaded software like AOMEI Backupper available for your use. But not everyone needs such powerful programs for their simpler file archiving or folder syncing needs. If you have only a few files to be copied regularly from one folder to another without needing any kind of special features like encryption, incremental or differential backups, then you can use a smaller but fast solution called EF AutoSync.

EF AutoSync is a small but very useful and easy-to-use tool intended for file synchronization and simpler backup requirements. Using this application you are able to synchronize the files located inside two folders. During the file synchronization, it can add new files, update older files by overwriting them and remove the older orphan files. You do not need any special software to access the backup files.

EF AutoSync

You have to add a new job in the EF AutoSync interface by clicking on the Add button. In the next window, you can specify two folders – folder 1 which is source folder and folder 2 which is destination folder. You can choose one of the backup methods – archiving, mirroring, data backup or update from the drop down list. Furthermore, you can choose what it should do with new files and the older orphan files from a big list of options. You can also filter the files based on their names, dates, size and attributes.

EF AutoSync

All the jobs can be accessed and run manually from the system tray icon of the EF AutoSync. You can right-click on this icon and choose to run any of the created jobs. You can also edit and configure various jobs if needed. The interface does not seem to offer any scheduler for your backup jobs and they must be run manually.

EF AutoSync

EF AutoSync is a small, fast and efficient file synchronizing tool that can be used to create backups or for archiving your data. It allows to use third-party plugins for extending its functionality.

You can download EF AutoSync from http://www.efsoftware.com/as/e.htm.