How to Customize Content Blocking in Mozilla Firefox 65

Mozilla Firefox browser allows you to block unsolicited content on websites such as tracking servers and cookies. Actually both tracking servers and the cookies work together to track your online activities. Whenever you visit a website with a tracking server code embedded inside it, it will place a special cookie in your web browser. Now whenever you visit any other website and if the same tracking server code is also embedded in those sites too, then the tracking server will be able to track you through this special cookie. No matter which website you visit, the tracking server keeps a log of your web browsing habits.

This data is later used to serve you products and other services. For example, if you visit pizza related websites, then suddenly you start to see pizza offers on all the other websites. This is completely harmless behavior and does not severely interfere in your everyday online life. But Firefox offers content blocking features using which you can block tracking servers and cookies. Here is how:

  1. Click on the menu icon and then select Content Blocking from the menubar.Firefox Content Blocking
  2. In the Firefox options then you can choose three different levels of content blocking – Standard, Strict and Custom. In the custom level, you can choose whether tracking servers or cookies are to be blocked.Firefox Content Blocking
  3. After making a choice, close the Firefox options tab and you are good to go.

In the standard level of content blocking, your Firefox browser blocks tracking servers and cookies only in the private windows (incognito mode). In the strict level, Firefox blocks all the known trackers and cookies in all sorts of Firefox windows – but this can break some websites that depend on cookies to work. And finally in the custom level of content blocking, you can decide yourself whether you want to block tracking servers or cookies in normal windows or private windows.