Epic Games Gives Away Super Meat Boy Game for Free

Epic Games launched their new online game delivery platform a few weeks ago and now they are giving away so many games for free. The new giveaway in this line is an offbeat game from 2010 called “Super Meat Boy”. This giveaway is going to last for the entire first week of January 2019 and will end on 10th January. This is actually a promotional strategy for a sequel of this game called “Super Meat Boy Forever” which would be released sometime in 2019.

“Super Meat Boy” is an old fashioned two-dimensional jump and run game. But because of the theme employed in the game, it could be very interesting to some gamers while at the same time some other gamers might find it completely weird. During the gameplay, the protagonist, Meat Boy, has to go through a complex web of difficulties such as spinning circular saws (meat cutters or grinders) as well as some scary looking characters.

Super Meat Boy

What makes the game weird is that Meat Boy looks like a cube sized piece of meat. He has to escape the cutters and grinders usually found in a meat processing plant. And even weirder, he has a girlfriend named Bandage Girl who also looks like a cube of meat but with bandages all over. Meat Boy’s goal is to rescue his girlfriend Bandage Girl from Dr. Fetus, an evil scientist who can cause real trouble for Meat Boy.

So how do you get the Super Meat Boy for free? For this, you simply have to create an account with Epic Games store. Once logged in to your account, visit the download link given below and click on the Free button to claim the game. You can later download it to your PC and enjoy playing it.

You can download Super Meat Boy from https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/super-meat-boy/home.