Ultracopier : Copy Files Faster and Efficiently in Windows

In your Windows PC, when you copy files from one folder to another, it displays a very simple progress window where the current file being copied is shown. While File Explorer does provide with basic file copy functions, but if you want more control over the file copy operation then you can use a third party program called Ultracopier.

Ultracopier can replace the copy function of Windows File Explorer so that when you copy files in File Explorer, Ultracopier takes over the whole copying process. Not only Ultracopier makes the copying process much faster, but it provides you many more options during the copying itself.

In the Ultracopier copy dialog, you can see a list of all the files being copied. From this list, you can change the order in which the files are copied, add more files, cancel any file from being copied etc. You can also pause the whole copying process and skip files. If any error occurs during the copying, you can see the description of errors in the copy dialog itself.


By default, Ultracopier replaced the copy function of File Explorer, but you can remove this option from Ultracopier settings. If you decide to do this, you can still use Ultracopier to copy files by selecting the copy option from the notification area.  You can select Add copy/moving and choose an operation (e.g., copy, move or transfer). However, now you will have to select both the source and the destination folders for the Ultracopier window before the selected file operation begins.


Ultracopier is a much more advanced file copy program for Windows users. It is faster than the regular File Explorer copy function and provides you much more control over how, when and which files are copied in your PC.

You can download Ultracopier from https://ultracopier.first-world.info/download.html.