How to Use Comodo Container to Run Programs in a Sandbox

In a metal workshop, a sandbox is used for creating metal objects through a process called sand casting. But in the computer technology, sandbox is used for running programs inside a secluded or isolated environment for testing or for security reasons. When a program is run inside a sandbox (isolated environment), it is not able to make the changes to the system permanently. Any changes made by a program inside a sandbox are limited to the sandbox only and are temporary.

In the past we have written about powerful sandbox software like Sandboxie, but today such sandboxes are integrated inside many of the security software like Avast Antivirus or Comodo Antivirus. While Avast uses it internally to run the suspicious programs and test how they respond, Comodo allows you to run any programs inside this contained environment. Here is how:

  1. Right-click on any program that you want to run inside a sandbox. You can also right-click on their shortcuts.
  2. Select Run in COMODO container from the right-click context-menu.Comodo Container
  3. The program will run inside the sandbox and if it has any visible window, then it will have a green border. green border makes it easy to distinguish the program being run inside Comodo container.Comodo Container

No matter what you do with a program with green border, it will not make permanent changes to files and other operating system settings. Even if such a program launches other programs or websites, it won’t be able to make any permanent changes. If you make changes, save files or create new files,  these will disappear as soon as you close the programs running inside the Comodo container sandbox.

Conclusion: Comodo container is a sandbox very useful for running unknown, untrustworthy and new programs. When running inside Comodo container, no program will be able to make changes to your real system.

You can download Comodo Antivirus with Comdo Container from