SmartCapture : Screen Capture Tool for Windows

In your Windows computer, you can capture the screenshot easily by pressing the PrintScreen key. In notebook computers, sometimes this key is offered through the Fn keys. But this is a very basic way of capturing the screen. If you want more options when capturing the screenshot, then you may have to use third party software like HyperSnap or Snagit. One of these third party screen capture programs called SmartCapture, that offers many features like ability to capture a region of your screen and an in-built image editor for annotation and other things.

SmartCapture is a small and easy to use program for capturing screenshots in your Windows computer. Using this program, you can instantly take the screenshot of the entire PC screen, a rectangular section of the screen, a selected window, a portion of a window or a custom region of the screen.

Unlike many other similar programs, SmartCapture offers multi-monitor support through which you can capture the screens of many PC monitors or any single of them. This works only when Windows is registering multiple screens in Windows settings. It can also pull images from your digital cameras and scanners using TWAIN. For using digital cameras and scanners, they must have TWAIN support.


All the captured screenshots can be edited in a small image editor. This allows basic graphics processing such as rotating, resizing, clipping, color optimizing, changing brightness, contrast, gamma, color saturation levels, sharpening etc. From the image editor, you can send the images directly to the printers. You can also copy the images to the clipboard and email them to your friends or coworkers.

SmartCapture is not a free software but it does offer many cool features like the support for multiple monitors and the digital devices such as cameras or scanners. However, if you want a free capture software then you can have a look at Screenshot Captor.

You can download SmartCapture from