How to Run Duke Nukem 3D on Windows 10 PC

Recently an eBay seller surprised me with a free copy of and old PC game Duke Nukem 3D – Atomic Edition. Even though it was an old CD from 1996, it had never been used and looked like brand new. Since the game was designed for Windows 95, I was unsure that it would run on my Windows 10 computer – it didn’t. I tried it in Windows 7, but it failed again. Then I asked a local game guru and got the advice to use EDuke32 which is a port of Duke Nukem 32 for newer version of Windows. It works flawlessly in both my Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers.

Here is how you can use EDuke32 to enjoy playing the vintage game Duke Nukem 3D in Windows 10:

  1. Create a folder C:\Duke3D (or any other folder of your choice).
  2. Download EDuke32 from  and extract all files to this folder.
  3. From your Duke Nukem 3D CD (or other media) copy two files dukedc.grp or duke3d.grp and duke.rts to this folder.
  4. Launch EDuke32.exe from this folder and choose the options like fullscreen mode or windowed mode, screen resolution, polymer etc. After this click on Start button.Duke Nukem 3D in Windows 10
  5. Enjoy playing Duke Nukem 3D on your Windows 10 computer.

I had never played this game before and it impressed me like another variation of Quake 1. Even the monsters looked similar. The graphics are very old and can quickly cause headache for the modern players.

Duke Nukem 3D in Windows 10

If you don’t like the aged low quality graphics of this old game, then you can download high-resolution graphics pack from The pack is nearly 1GB in size and contains everything you would need to play Duke Nukem 3D in high resolution including the EDuke32 files. You can simply extract them in a folder and double-click on EDuke32.exe and it will start Duke Nukem 3D in full-screen and high-resolution.


  1. I have a Duke Nukem 3D Kill A Ton Collection Game Wizards DVD. Also have a Duke Nukem 3D Kill A Ton Collection which has Duke Nukem 1, Duke Nukem 2, Duke Nukem 3d, Plutonium Pak And Duke Level Editor. As Well, I haveA Duke Nukem 3D Kill A Ton Collection with Duke It Out In DC, Duke Extreme and Duke Zone II. I cannot find the files you mention,
    dukedc.grp or duke3d.grp and duke.rts anywhere on any of the disks. I would really like to get these running on my Win 10 Pro desktop. Any suggestion gratefully received.

  2. if i can get this to download correctly, to run on windows 10; cani then also have multi-players play against each other on my home wifi network?

  3. My old disk has no DUKEDC.grp file either. But I did try DUKE3D.grp(42.3mb file size). That’s the one!

  4. Hi Trish I did manage to load the Duke Nukem high resolution pack from (duke3d_hrp zip) file and it didn’t make a huge difference to the screen as I was expecting, just slightly sharper. It unzipped and loaded a hell of a lot of files and sub directories, almost 1GB full of stuff.
    I bought the original CD back in 1996 when windows 95 was out.
    I’m a windows 10 user too and could never find a solution to play in on windows 10, and DOS is old hat now. The sound is pretty awesome and the graphics are not too bad but being an old PC game I guess it’s ok.

  5. No matter what amount of searching I do I can’t find dukedc.grp. Found the other one. Kinda sucks. I was looking forward to reliving my past…lol

    1. Hi Robert.
      I’m a windows 10 user too and wanted to find that file dukedc.grp also on my original CD but couldn’t. Yes the duke.rts file was easy to find but I took a hope for the best option and searched for it on the internet via google and loaded it from a download, once it was unzipped I copied and pasted into the duke3d dir I made. Seems to work fine. Hope this helps

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