OW Shredder : Secure Erase Files, Folders and Drives

When files are deleted from a hard drive using the regular methods provided by an operating system, they are not actually complete removed. What happens is that the file records are removed from the file system tables, but the actual data of these files stays intact and can be retrieved later using special tools like Recuva.

This creates a problem when you are giving away your old computer or throwing away your old hard drive as anybody can attempt to recover your files and may end up with some of your private and sensitive files. In order to prevent such incidents, you should securely erase all of your personal, private and sensitive files. For secure erasing files, folders and even an entire hard drive, you can use free OW Shredder software.

OW Shredder is a file shredder with many extra tools at your disposal. You can simply drag and drop files or folders on the OW Shredder window and it will begin shredding (securely erasing) your files instantly. Similarly, you can drop a drive (partition) on its window and it will start the shredding of the drive. Furthermore,  it can also erase the data from free space so that the data of files that you have already deleted is also erased.

OW Shredder

Apart from the shredder, there are some other useful tools included in OW Shredder – disk analyzer, cluster analyzer, disk stats, system recovery, autostart manager, MFT trace eraser, and file unlocker. These tools can be used to check the disk usage stats and remove the remnants of deleted files from your system.

Under the settings section of OW Shredder, you can pick the algorithm used for shredding the files or folders – British HMG Baseline, HSC 1614.65,  GOST R 50739-95, RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, or a custom method. You can choose the theme color for OW Shredder window from red, lime, blue or orange. You can also integrate OW Shredder with Windows File Explorer.

You can download OW Shredder from https://schiffer.tech/.