InfoBar Displays Useful Information in Windows Desktop

InfoBar is a small toolbar that takes home in the upper edge of your computer screen and displays a wealth of useful information. The information displayed includes not only system status data but also the latest news headlines fetched from the internet. InfoBar comes in many languages and can be customized to a great degree making it a versatile desktop tool for everyone.

After the installation, it shifts the rest of the desktop contents a little downward to make space for itself. It quickly displays some of the interesting information about your system such as the hard drive temperature, CPU load, active process, memory load, battery status, time and date, special keys status (NUM, CAPS and SCROLL), and the weather forecast for your local city.


Under all of this information floats the news ticker that goes really fast from the right edge of your screen to the left edge displaying latest headines fetched from the RSS feed of Reuters website. If you want to display news feed from some other news agency, then you can change this in InfoBar settings.

For this, you can click on the desktop name displayed near the leftmost of the toolbar, and select Preferences from the menu. In the preferences window, select RSS from the left side and then copy-paste the RSS feed address in the Default RSS feed text field. After this, click OK to save the settings. You can find many popular RSS news feeds from


In the beginning this news ticker might look exciting with all the news being displayed on your screen. But later on as it keeps moving across your desktop screen, it could become a sort of distraction from your everyday work on your computer. Fortunately, you can disable this by unchecking Display Ticker option in the settings.

You can download InfoBar from