NumericalChameleon : Versatile Cross-Platform Conversion Utility

If you find it very confusing to convert the measurements of something in one unit into some other unit, then you will find NumericalChameleon a very handy program. It is designed in Oracle Java and hence it works in all the operating systems that allows installations of JRE (Java Runtimes Environment).

NumericalChameleon is available in both as installation packages as well as standalone portable file. The latter can be run without installing anything except with a condition that JRE is already installed on your system. The user interface of the program allows you to easily select one “source” unit and another “destination” unit. After this you can enter the measurements in the source unit, and it will instantly convert it into the destination units. It is able to convert numbers with an optional precision of up to 1,000 significant digits.


It comes with a great many categories of units already built inside. You can choose these categories by picking one of the groups from the drop-down listbox – 2D, automobile, computer, electricity, fluids, household, magnetism, math, music, office, optics, physics, radioactivity, time, travel, workshop and other random units. It contains both the SI units and the imperial units. Moreover, you can add new categories and units, modify and delete existing ones.


It comes with a list building tool that can be used to make a table of units conversion. You have to select the source and destination units along with the range and precision. After this, it will create a list of conversions and you can either copy-paste it in your documents or save it on your computer.

Other than these conversion tools, it comes with some tools that can be selected from the menubar for generating random numbers, random dice throws, random colors, difference between two times or dates and more. NumericalChameleon is a more than a simple conversion tool as it packs so many other features not to mention almost 5200 units for conversion.

You can download NumericalChameleon from