Enjoy Listening to Online Radio Stations with odio

Millions of people worldwide listen to the online radio stations today for the simple reason that it is very convenient and offers tens of thousands of the radio stations from all over the world. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s people used to listen to online radio stations through the shoutcast feature in Winamp, but even since Winamp dropped the inbuilt support for shoutcast radio stations, people have been looking for alternatives such as Tapinradio, Pocket Radio Player, Radio Tuna, Screamer Radio and many many others.

And now we have a new online radio player called “odio” that works in Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Through odio you can listen to thousands of radio stations from all over the world. What makes odio different from other online radio software is its modern design perhaps inspired from the Windows 10 user interface. But at the same time, the download package for odio is ten times that of other similar software while providing the same basic functionality.

odio Online Radio Player

After launching odio, you can find your favorite radio station in a number of ways. You can search for a radio station either using the station name or the genre. For example, search for “talk” shows all the talk news stations. You can also browse the stations based on their tags, their station names, their countries of origin or their languages all listed alphabetically. Clicking on the play button for a selected radio station will start buffering and playing its audio stream.  If you like a radio station, you can add it to your personal library and later find these favorite radio stations from this library.

odio Online Radio Player

Unlike some other online radio software like Tapinradio or Screamer radio, it does not allow you to record the audio stream and save it to your local storage media. Similarly, there are no settings in odio except the option to choose a light or dark theme. In other similar stations you can fine tune settings like buffer size, bitrate etc.

You can download odio Online Radio Player from https://odio.io/