AntiMicro : Map Keyboard Keys and Mouse Controls to Game Controller

If you want to enjoy some of the very old PC games from late 90s on your modern computer that has the latest gamepad attached to it, then you may have trouble playing the game using your brand new gamepad. This is because some of those games were designed to work with the joysticks of old times that no longer exist and some of them have no support for any joysticks. The only way they allow you to play the game is through a combination of keyboard keys and mouse buttons.

You can easily start using your gamepad in those games through a simple application called AntiMicro. It is an application that can map the keyboard keys and mouse controls to your joystick, gamepad or any other game controller. It is a great way to use your gamepad even in the older games that do not allow any kinds of joysticks. The program runs on many different operating systems including Microsoft Windows and allows multiple configurations of mappings of joystick to keyboard keys or mouse controls.


You simply have to attach your game controller device to your Windows PC and when it is recognized by Windows, you can launch AntiMicro. It will detect your game controller and you can begin assigning various keyboard or mouse actions to different of its controls. You have to first click on a button from the configuration and then assign a key to it. There are eight different sets of configurations that you can save.

Conclusion: AntiMicro is very useful for the PC gamers who want to play games that have missing game controller support. If your game controller is properly working in Windows but is not being detected by a game, then you can use AntiMicro to map keyboard and mouse actions to your game controller.

You can download AntiMicro from