Concenturio : Free Alarm Software for Windows PC

If you work like a mule at you desk for hours at a stretch then you may end up having some serious health issues. Health professionals agree that everyone should get up, walk around and see some Sun for 5 to 10 minutes every hour. But who would remind you of taking a mini-break every hour? You can take the help of a free Windows reminder software called Concenturio.

Concenturio is a free Windows application designed to remind you of important dates and events by showing you visual and audible alerts. The program is not complicated and keeps everything very simple to use. It features two types of reminders – tasks you need to be reminded of in a few minutes under Single task and multiple tasks in distant future that are listed under Task list.


So if you want to be reminded of the coffee break or an important meeting, you can use Single task option and it will show a reminder when the triggers are hit. For the single task, you can set triggers (time duration or exact time), a reminder text and the alert time (audible or visual or both). You can customize the audio alert by picking an audio file of your own.


However, if you want to reminded of your wedding anniversary, someone’s birthday or something that you do every Friday night (every Friday is Pizza night for me), then you may add them all under the Task list section. When the triggers are hit, it will display a small window on your PC screen along with an audible alert.


In the options for the various tasks, you can specify different types of audio alerts or even choose a custom audio file too. Picking a different audio for different reminders will quickly hint you of a particular task.

You can download Concenturio from