Sonic 2 HD : Unofficial HD Remake of Sega’s 1992 Classic Game

There was a time when Japanese games publisher Sega was releasing one hit game after another. It was in 1992, when Sega released Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and it quickly became popular everywhere. The very next year they released the Sonic CD for their console. Later it was ported to many other platforms. The game is still very popular and people have been looking it up on various online stores. Even though it is very fun, the game has very dated graphics and might not look so good on today’s HD screens.

To keep up with the times, some fans took the matter in their own hands and have made a remake of the old Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This remake is known as Sonic 2 HD and contains very nice looking high definition graphics. The game is released as a demo, runs both in the windowed mode and the full screen. The demo comes with three levels –  the tropical paradise “Emerald Hill Zone”, the industrial plant “Chemical Plant Zone” and the picturesque mountain region “Hill Top Zone”.

Sonic 2 HD

In the game you can choose to play with both Sonic and Tails or just one of them. The fun filled adventure takes you through all the obstacles and you have to eliminate a large number of enemies by jumping up on them or rolling up and hitting them. You can use the keys W, S, E and D to control Sonic and Tails. The arrow keys control the movement of the characters. But it is best played with a game controller.

Sonic 2 HD

Sonic 2 HD is going to be a walk into nostalgia for the older generations who perhaps spent hours playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2. And for the newer generation it is going to be an entirely new fun filled experience playing with Sonic and Tails.

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