Ashampoo Video Deflicker : Removes Frustrating Flicker from Videos

Have you ever tried recording a time-lapse video of your street using your smartphone or any other digital camera? The video recorded this way might show a number of frames that make the video flicker in a very annoying manner. This is because of some fast moving or brightly lit objects pass in front of the video camera. Similarly, the video gets some sort of flicker when other bright sources of light are being recorded – they could be fast moving cars with bright headlights, someone flashing their flash light, a helicopter flying in the area and so on.

Usually what some of the people do is that they use a video editor and remove that part where such flickering is occurring. But you no longer have to resort to such measures that lead the complete or partial destruction of your video. Now you can use a smart software called Ashampoo Video Deflicker to remove this annoying flickering from your videos.

Ashampoo Video Deflicker

The software does not require you to have a degree in 3D animation and video production. Video Deflicker software is very easy to use and allows you to quickly get rid of flicker in your videos. In the user interface, you have to select a section of the video frame and then simply select the deflicker option in the right-side pane – the rest is automatically handled by it. You can choose the smoothing level and the strength level of the deflicker operation from the settings if you are not satisfied by the results.

Apart from the flicker removal, it is also able to do some other video editing such as rotating the frame, cropping the frame, changing the saturation and exposure of the video etc. It is able to work with very high resolution videos (full HD, 2K and 4K).

You can download Ashampoo Video Deflicker from