Fix NVIDIA GeForce Driver Frequent Crashes in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

If you are using Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 on a computer that has NVIDIA GeForce based graphics processor, then you may experience frequent driver crashes. NVIDIA GeForce drivers version 418.81 and above have a bug that can make the graphics processor unresponsive for many seconds. This means that your screen will freeze or go blank for a few seconds. You will feel this freezing much more visibly when you are watching a video or playing a computer game.

Fortunately, Windows has an inbuilt recovery mechanism called TDR (timeout detection and recovery). When Windows detects that graphics processor has become unresponsive for more than two seconds, it will reset the graphics driver. By resetting the graphics driver, Windows ensures that the various processes using graphics processor do not freeze (which in turn can cause the operating system to hang).


If you have installed the NVIDIA GeForce driver version 418.81, your computer may experience this problem of freezing the graphics processor and then Windows using TDR to recover from it again and again. This problem exists in the drivers meant only for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 but Windows 10 is safe. Furthermore, only the 64-bit versions of Windows are affected

In order to fix this problem withe the graphics processor driver, you can download and install the driver version 418.99. This updated driver is a hotfix update and does not introduce any new features. As mentioned before, NVIDIA has advised that this update is only meant for the Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 users with 64-bit operating systems.


Alternatively, you can also uninstall the existing graphics driver, and later install a newer version of the graphics driver by downloading the drivers package from the official NVIDIA drivers website: The website has drive detection tool using which you can download latest versions of drivers available for your system.

You can download NVIDIA GeForce update 418.99 from


  1. so Trish I know you’re working on my answer I was just getting anxious I can’t wait to figure this out thank you

  2. I do not do gaming or movies, youtube on my win7.
    But what Nvidia processes can I shut off?? !!
    Freezes my machine many times, have to just shut it down.
    Would love to know the very basic processes I must keep running for Nvidia.
    Much deep thanks for a great site!

    nvvsvc.exe 772 1,756 K 5,920 K NVIDIA Driver Helper Service, Version 342.01 NVIDIA Corporation 12:23:52 AM 8/4/2019
    nvvsvc.exe 3548 < 0.01 3,300 K 9,588 K NVIDIA Driver Helper Service, Version 342.01 NVIDIA Corporation 3:27:12 AM 8/4/2019
    GfExperienceService.exe 2392 3,112 K 8,568 K NVIDIA GeForce ExperienceService NVIDIA Corporation 12:24:01 AM 8/4/2019
    NvNetworkService.exe 2572 4,956 K 8,420 K NVIDIA Network Service NVIDIA Corporation 12:24:01 AM 8/4/2019
    NvStreamNetworkService.exe 3668 0.10 4,380 K 13,336 K NVIDIA Network Stream Service NVIDIA Corporation 12:24:06 AM 8/4/2019
    NvStreamService.exe 2628 0.03 3,208 K 10,704 K NVIDIA Streamer Service NVIDIA Corporation 12:24:01 AM 8/4/2019
    NvStreamUserAgent.exe 1132 0.11 16,776 K 25,104 K NVIDIA Streamer User Agent NVIDIA Corporation 3:27:16 AM 8/4/2019
    nvxdsync.exe 5032

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