Manage File Downloads in Firefox Browser with Turbo Download Manager

In the older versions of Firefox, the add-ons had more freedom and this is why real download managers like DownThemAll were available. But now after the Quantum update, Firefox has restricted what an add-on can do in the browser. As a result the older download manager extensions have stopped working and are not being updated. But there is a little relief for the people who are looking for the download management extensions for Firefox in the form of Turbo Download Manager. This extension allows you to pause, resume and fetch multiple links for downloads – not exactly what an extension like DownThemAll could do, but is still able to make it easy for you to manage all of your downloads from one place.

Turbo Download Manager

After the installation of Turbo Download Manager, you will be able to just right-click on a download link and  select Download this link to add the download to the Turbo Download Manager list. This will start the download – for starting or pausing the download, you have to click on the Turbo Download Manager icon in the Firefox toolbar and then take the desired action for a selected download.

Turbo Download Manager

From the toolbar icon, you can add a new download job to the download manager by selecting Add a new job. This will show a new window where you can add new URLs for the download links. From this window, you can choose to rename the files once they have been downloaded. You can also download multiple images from a webpage.

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager extension for the Firefox browser can make it easy for you to download multiple files, pause and resume the downloads. It does not have features like segmented downloads, but it still makes things easier.

You can get the Turbo Download Manager extension for Firefox from

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