DataNumen Disk Image : Clone or Backup Drives in Windows

There are so many reasons for cloning your storage drives, for example, when you want to upgrade the hard drive and replace the older drive with a newer hard driver, when you want to keep a backup of all the contents of your storage drive etc. Using a free software called DataNumen Disk Image, you can clone your data storage devices easily. It is also able to backup the entire hard drives in form of IMG files. Not only it can work with storage devices of all types, but it can also work with partially damaged devices.

The software package is very small in size – only 1.59 MB in size. In the Disk Image interface, you can perform the backup of any storage drive or its individual partitions just by selecting them, choosing a backup image location and then clicking on the Start Cloning button.

DataNumen Disk Image

Whenever you want to restore the drive image back to a hard drive (or other type of storage device), you can simply switch over to the Restore tab, select a backup image file, choose a target storage device and click on the Start Restore button.

In the settings for Disk Image you can choose a character that should be used to replace the bad data. By default, Disk Image replaces unreadable data by a null character (or ASCII 0). This option is very useful if you have hard drives that are failing and are physically damaged. While reading data from such hard drives, some sectors won’t be read and  Disk Image then will simply replace the damaged data with 0 and continue over to the next readable sector.

DataNumen Disk Image

While it makes it very easy to backup and clone the storage devices or partitions, DataNumen Disk Image does not offer any solution to restoring the system drive (partition on which Windows is installed). For restoring Windows partition itself, you may have to use another solution like Macrium Reflect.

You can download DataNumen Disk Image from