TenClips : Clipboard Manager with Ten Virtual Clipboards

Windows comes with a basic clipboard that can hold one object in the temporary volatile memory at one time. If you copy something to the Windows clipboard, the new data overwrites the older one. And if you shutdown Windows, all the contents of the clipboard will disappear because it stores all the data in the RAM itself.

If you want to extend the functionality of Windows clipboard then you can use a freeware called TenClips. It is a clipboard manager with ten virtual clipboards that can hold ten different objects simultaneously. The data is saved to the hard drive, so it is not lost when you restart Windows.

TenClips places an icon in the system tray of Windows desktop. If you double-click on this icon, it will display you the contents of all the ten clipboards. You can click on any of these ten clipboards to select them. The data is stored and restored from the selected clipboard only.


You can also select a clipboard for working with by right-clicking on this icon and choosing one of the clipboards from under the Go to sub-menu. Once you have selected a clipboard, it will become the working clipboard for the moment. When you copy something using Ctrl+C it will be copied to the selected clipboard.


If you do not like working through the notification area icon, then you can use the hotkeys for TenClips. For example, you can use Ctrl+1 to select clipboard 1, Ctrl+2 to select clipboard 2 and so on. Win+V is used to paste the text into any application. You can add or edit these hotkeys  from the settings of the TenKeys application.


TenClips can also share the clipboard data with other computers on the same network and running TenClips. This makes it very easy to share some text snippets easily over a network which a great feature for teams working on a project.

You can download TenClips from http://www.paludour.net/TenClips.html.