Nemp : Portable MP3 Player for Party Animals

For a crazy all night party, all you need is good sets of speakers, your MP3 collection and a PC with Nemp. If you do not know what Nemp is, then you have been missing the best MP3 player in the world. Nemp is an MP3 player with tons of features that make it ideal for the party animals. You just have to feed it all of your MP3 files, and it will randomly create a playlist to start playing all the tracks with effects like cross-fade (next track fades in while previous track fades out), birthday effect (plays happy birthday song of your choice at your specified time) and more.

Portable music player
Nemp is portable and does not require installation. Neither does it require any special libraries. Just extract it to a folder, double-click on “Nemp.exe”, drag-n-drop all of your MP3 files on it, and you will start enjoying your music in a few seconds. You can manually populate the playlist by double-clicking on the MP3 tracks or you can simply right-click and select “Generate random playlist”.

Nemp - MP3 Player for Parties

Integrates with
Nemp integrates well with online streaming services like You can provide access to your account and it will scrobble the title of the currently playing song over to your profile. Similarly, you can fetch information such as ID3 tags and cover art from the internet but again it has to be setup in Nemp settings.

Party mode
Nemp is designed to be used at parties. You can enable its party mode which enlarges the fonts and locks down all the player settings. The large fonts are great when you are a little intoxicated and locked settings prevent you from accidentally messing up the settings or deleting the playlists. You have to enter a password to get out of the party mode.

Nemp - MP3 Player for Parties

Birthday mode
If you are hosting a birthday party then you can make Nemp automatically play a special birthday song (my favorite is The Beatles – Birthday) at a specific time. So you are enjoying the party and suddenly birthday song starts to play putting the birthday boy/girl in great surprise. Nemp will continue with the regular playlist after the birthday song.

Plays jingles
Nemp can also play jingles (which could be announcements or advertisements) just like the professional radio channels. You have to add pre-recorded MP3 jingle files. Whenever you want to play a jingle, select it from the list of MP3 files, press F9 and it will be played. You can change the volume of jingles and main playlist in the settings.

Nemp is a powerful MP3 player with so many features that it takes a while to check them all. With its great music library managements and powerful playback, it really wins you over in a few minutes.

You can download Nemp MP3 Player from