Clipboard to QR-Code : Convert Everything from Clipboard to QR Code

There are a number of online QR generator apps that provide lots of features but are a tad difficult to use because you have to manually enter the data that has to be converted into the QR code. Similarly, some of the Windows apps also ask you to enter the input data that is then changed into the respective QR codes. But what if you want to quickly change something into a QR code, then you can use Clipboard to QR-Code. Using this simple app, you can convert the contents of system clipboard into QR code. Being an Electron based app, it works in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Instant QR code with a hotkey
After you have installed Clipboard to QR-Code in your computer, all you have to do is copy something to the clipboard (for this, you can select some text and press Ctrl+C hotkey) and then use the Clipboard to QR-Code hotkey (by default, this hotkey is Shift+Ctrl+Q in Windows and Linux or Shift+Command+Q in Mac OS). This will not only convert the clipboard data into QR code, but will also display it in a large window.

Clipboard to QR-Code

Stays in system tray – ready for use
It stays in the system tray (also called the notification area) of Windows desktop and allows you to quickly change the data stored in the Windows clipboard into QR code. If you choose not to use the hotkey, you can copy something to the clipboard, and then right-click on this notification area icon and select Show QR-code to generate and display the respective QR code.

Clipboard to QR-Code

Customizable hotkey
If you find this app very useful and productive in your everyday computing life, then you can set it to be automatically launched at Windows start. It will stay in the system tray and will be ready for your use whenever you need it. In the settings, you can also change the default hotkey to something you prefer.

Clipboard to QR-Code

Clipboard to QR-Code is a nifty way to transfer information from your PC to your smartphone by converting data into the QR codes first and then scanning them through your smartphone’s camera. This makes sharing of website links much easier. You can also use this app to create QR codes that you can share on social networking sites.

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