AppGet : Open-Source Command Line Package Manager for Windows

If you have ever used Debian based Ubuntu Linux or some of its variants such as Lubuntu, Kubuntu or Mint then you already know how to install or update the software packages – through the use of apt-get command line. For example, if you want to install VLC Media Player in Ubuntu Linux and then you can give the command – apt-get install vlc and it will do the rest.

Now you can install and update software in Windows with a similar ease using AppGet which basically mimics the way apt-get works in Linux. AppGet is an open-source command line package manager that works in Windows but requires that you have .NET 4 installed in your PC.


After the installation of AppGet in your Windows computer, you can launch any command prompt window (press Win+R, type cmd and press Enter) and then give the command appget. It will display all the possible command line switches for AppGet.


Basically, if you want to know if there are any new versions available for the software already installed in your computer, then you can give the command appget list. If you want to search for a new software then you can use the search switch, for example, appget search firefox will search for Firefox browsers available in the list of packages. And if you want to install a new program, then you have to use the install switch in the same manner as you would use in Linux’s apt-get, for example, appget install winrar will download and install WinRAR browser in your computer.


AppGet has more than 800 packages in its list. For all the packages, it downloads the software installer directly from the software’s website or Github page, ensuring that you get the original file without any modifications. It is a great tool for installing and updating software in your Windows PC.

You can download AppGet from or